Snapshot: Italian Lakes

bellagio view

The days are getting shorter over here in the Northern hemisphere, so I thought it the perfect opportunity to look back to what we got up to over the Summer.

Italy is hands down my favourite European country (sorry France, you’re a close second – I promise!) – the food, the people, the history, the food… it is just incredible!  I’ve been a few times previously, but this trip was something that I had been dreaming of since my early teens.

*Flashback time*  Rushing home from school every day I’d switch the TV on for Bold & the Beautiful, (an American soap opera for all you Brits! my mum always hogged the VCR for Young & The Restless – that’s a Video Cassette Recorder for anyone born post 80’s!!) and each year they’d do their “special episodes” shot on location on none other than LAKE COMO! And from that moment on I was hooked. Yes, that’s right, I wanted to go even before George Clooney bought his house there, please don’t get that confused!!

Anyway, 10 years and a short flight to Milan later bam! we were almost there.

And it was raining. Torrential rain. I tried to hide my annoyance, but I’m not much of an actress.  However, as we approached Lake Como, the clouds parted the sun came out (I think we may have even high fived at this point) and then…

…we crashed the car (Mum, it wasn’t serious! We’d just finished a conversation about how getting that extra insurance is such a waste of money….).

Here are a few snapshots from our trip.

This is my first picture in Italy.

carBut then we found the Lake (COMO!!) and the “car crash” story became a distant memory.

lake comoHowever, it came in handy when the lovely hotel owner took pity on us and gave us a room with this view in Bellagio!bellagio view

more viewWe swam in the lake.IMG_3142We  drank Aperol Spritz – an Italian aperitif consisting of Italian bitters and Prosecco.

IMG_3180We ate, yep you guessed it – Pizza. Lots of Pizza.

IMG_3098We explored the little villages that lined the lake.

IMG_3167And then we bid a fond farewell to Lake Como and headed to nearby Lake Iseo to meet with family.

(It wasn’t so bad either!)

lake iseoLunch with a view.lake iseo restaurantThe best way to see the lake is by boat.IMG_3194A nearby island.

boatsWe explored it by bike.


I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. The Italian Lakes are a thing of great beauty and serenity. Go visit!

Until next time Italy!


Joy xx